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Chu Lai OEZ & Vietnamese Government Seaport Rehabilitation Project

The CLIDC have agreed to develop a site plan to upgrade the existing Chu Lai Seaport to state of the are standards. This plan developed in conjunction with the Vietnamese government will include Systems Evaluation Studies of the seaport, the ship channel, the navigational systems, seaport communication systems, docking and berth facilities, Seaport freighter tender operations, Fueling facilities, cargo loading and unloading facilities, materials handling system, inventory control system, warehouse facilities, road and rail access to the port and port security.

Once these studies are complete the CLIDC will design the Chu Lai Seaport Rehabilitation Site Plan (SRSP) that will detail all of the modifications and improvements to the port that will be included in the development project. The SRSP will also detail the types of system to be put in place and a complete operations budget for the project will be included.

Once the SRSP is complete the CLIDC will present a proposal to the Vietnamese government for the project and if approved the CLIDC will begin work on the project as soon as possible. Once the Seaport Rehabilitation Project is complete the operations of the port will be turned over to the Vietnamese government.