Chu Lai OEZ Investment Bank

Chu Lai OEZ Telecommunications Network

Chu Lai OEZ Bonded Warehouse Project

Chu Lai OEZ Warehouse Project

Chu Lai OEZ Textile Project

Chu Lai OEZ & Vietnamese Government Seaport Rehabilitation Project

Chu Lai OEZ Sheet Metal & Heavy Plate Manufacturing Facility Project

Water and Wastewater Treatment Plant Project

Chu Lai Shipyard Project

Chu Lai Housing Project

Chu Lai Hotel and Resort Project

Other Considered Future Projects

Vietnam Projects

The concept for Chu Lai IDC is to provide a working investment vehicle for the development of the Chu Lai Open Economic Zone (OEZ). The incorporators consist of international businessmen from both Vietnam and the United States.

It is the goal of the Chu Lai IDC to develop projects in the OEZ ranging from basic infrastructure including telecommunications, housing and petrochemical applications to resort properties. The Chu Lai IDC's main mandate is to enter into import/export operations with the Vietnamese people.