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GMHIDC offers a full range of services that the manufacturer is looking for when deciding to or trying to decide if outsourcing is right for them. Using our business contacts around the world we can develop a complete business plan for the manufacturer looking to outsource some or all of their operations. From projecting cost to settling issues with local governments to arranging the building build out and equipment shipping needs. GMHIDC is a one-stop shop for your company's outsourcing needs. All of our services are completely confidential and secure. Only the client's Board of Directors and GMHIDC will know that a client is conducting due diligence on the possibility of outsourcing services. This allows the client to conduct a complete and detailed due diligence without the possibility of other departments or vendors becoming involved until you the client is ready to make the announcement. Contact us today to find out how we can help your business solve its outsourcing needs.