GMH Businesses International Development Corporation (GMHIDC) was established to secure and develop international market and project development the world round. The developing areas of the world that GMHIDC currently is involved in projects is Central and South America and Southeast Asia. Our business model is simple in its form. GMHIDC looks at and conducts due diligence in these developing markets and identifies the areas most likely to hold vast areas of growth and therefore profitability. Once these areas are identified GMHIDC begins to look for regional partners to help in the process of finding and securing good solid projects. From there we hold to strict standards for customer service and quality of workmanship. GMHIDC will only allow the very best in the way of development partners and contractors to become involved in our projects. This assures us that we will produce superior products and projects at all times. That will keep GMHIDC in high demand for many years to come throughout the developing nations of the world.

The GMHIDC business model is to select and develop only a few of the very best high revenue potential projects and businesses within these targeted areas per year and to grow those businesses in step with the growth of the region. In Vietnam there are many development projects that GMHIDC is either looking at developing or currently working to bring to a close. These project range from a heavy fabrication sheet metal facility to a coal fired power plant. In consideration of Vietnam's projected sustained growth over the next 10 years GMHIDC will be looking to become involved in many top quality projects in Vietnam during this time period. Our goal is to have 8 to 10 years worth of projects in Vietnam secured, on the books and in engineering by the end of 2014. We are well on our way to this goal and we feel very confident that we will achieve our goals in Vietnam. Everyday we are receiving new project packages from the region to look at and see if we might be interested in the development.

GMHIDC is preparing proposals for various development projects for the Vietnamese government in the areas of energy exploration, equipment supply, electrical power generation, high speed rail, metro transportation, shipping, warehousing, project financing and resort development. GMHIDC is also developing several import/export operations between Vietnam and the United States with the export of US manufactured equipment and machinery to Vietnam and the import of Vietnamese seafood and raw materials such as silica sand to the US. This is very exciting because it allows for GMHIDC to directly impact the improving relations between the two countries. GMHIDC along with its US partner Eclipse International is working in the energy sector to develop eco-friendly bio-coal and waste to power facilities in Vietnam and Cambodia. Overall our business in Southeast Asia is really beginning to accelerate and we are looking at additional ventures on Cambodia, Laos.